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Because I thought this might be of interest to all of you...

    UPDATED: April 01, 2012

Ally McBeal - John/Ally

Alphas - Gary/Rachel

Being Human - George/Mitchell, Adian/Josh, Annie/Nina, Nora/Sally 

Boy Meets World – Cory/Topanga

Bridge To Terabithia - Jess/Leslie

Brothers & Sisters - Justin/Rebecca, Kevin/Scotty

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Spike/Buffy, Willow/Tara, Angel/Cordelia

Camp Rock - Shane/Mitchie, Nate/Caitlyn, Jason/Ella

Castle – Castle/Beckett

Charmed – Leo/Piper

Chronicles Of Narnia, The – Tumnus/Lucy, Peter/Susan

Conviction - Brian/Christina

Cougar Town - Travis/Laurie

Criminal Minds - Morgan/Garcia, Reid/JJ, Hotch/Emily

Danny Phantom - Danny/Sam

Dawson's Creek – Pacey/Andie, Dawson/Joey, Jack/Jen

Eureka - Jack/Jo, Zane/Tess

Entourage – Vince/Eric

Flowers In The Attic – Chris/Cathy

Franklin & Bash - Jared/Peter, Pinard/Carmen

Friends – Chandler/Monica, Chandler/Joey, Ross/Rachel, Joey/Phoebe

Gakuen Alice - Natsume/Mikan, Ruka/Hotaru

Glee - Kurt/Mercedes, Brittany/Santana, Finn/Rachel, Will/Emma, Artie/Tina, Jesse/Quinn

Good Wife, The - Alicia/Kalinda

Grimm - Nick/Monroe

Hannah Montana - Oliver/Miley, Jackson/Lily, Jake/Lily

Harry Potter – Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Draco/Ginny

Haunting Hour: I Don't Think About It, The - Sean/Cassie

Haven - Nathan/Audrey

Hawaii 5-0 - Danny/Steve

High School Musical - Troy/Gabriella, Chad/Taylor, Ryan/Sharpay

Hocus Pocus – Dani/Thackery (Binx), Max/Alison

Hunger Games, The - Peeta/Katniss

Jonas - Kevin/Macy, Nick/Stella

iCarly - Spencer/Sam, Freddie/Carly

Kim Possible - Ron/Kim

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Elliot/Olivia, John/Monique

Life Unexpected - Ryan/Cate, Jones/Lux

Life With Derek - Derek/Casey

Lizzie McGuire – Gordo/Lizzie

Phil of the Future – Phil/Keely, Owen/Via, Seth/Tia

Pretty Little Liars - Toby/Jenna, Jason/Spencer, Lucas/Hanna

Mentalist, The - Patrick/Teresa

Merlin - Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Gwen

Moonlight - Mick/Beth

Moonlighting - David/Maddie

My So-Called Life – Brian/Angela

Ned’s Declassified – Ned/Moze

Nip/Tuck – Sean/Christian

Once Upon A Time – Dreamy/Nova, Rumplestiltskin/Belle, Regina/Snow

Point Pleasant - Christina/Judy

Princess Diaries, The - Mia/Michael, Mia/Nicholas

Private Practice - Amelia/Charlotte

Rizzoli & Isles - Jane/Maura

Roswell - Michael/Maria, Max/Liz, Alex/Isabel, Kyle/Tess

Sarah Connor Chronicles, The - John/Cameron

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The – Brian/Tibby, Leo/Lena

Smallville - Clark/Lana, Lex/Chloe

Star Trek: TOS - Kirk/Spock, Chekov/Sulu, Scotty/Uhura

Star Trek: TNG - Data/Geordi

Star Trek: ENT -  Jonathan/T'Pol

Star Trek: VOY - Kathryn/Chakotay, Harry/B'Elanna

Suits - Harvey/Mike 

Supernatural – Dean/Sam, Castiel/Anna

TIN MAN - Glitch/DG

Tower Prep - Gabe/Ian, CJ/Suki

True Blood - Eric/Pam, Sookie/Bill

Twilight - Edward/Bella, Jasper/Alice, Jacob/Renesme

Vampire Diaries, The - Jeremy/Anna, Stefan/Elena, Damon/Bonnie

Veronica Mars – Wallace/Veronica, Dick/Mac

Victorious - Jade/Cat, Andre/Tori, Robbie/Andre

Warehouse 13 - Artie/Claudia, Pete/Myka 

Wicked - Elphaba/Glinda

Wizards Of Waverly Place - Justin/Alex

X-Files, The - Fox/Dana, John/Monica 

X-Men - Logan/Marie, Charles/Raven, Scott/Ororo, Bobby/Kitty

Zoey 101 - Chase/Zoey

Crossover Pairings:

Bones/Hawaii 5-0 - Parker/Grace
Heroes/Blind Dating - Sylar/Danny
Jonas/Sonny With A Chance - Joe/Sonny
Remember Me/Welcome to the Rileys - Tyler/Mallory

Fandoms without Ships:

Bionic Woman
Three Rivers
Ghost Whisperer

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