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ally mcbeal, ally/georgia, angel/cordelia, artie/claudia, bella/edward, blind dating, boy meets world, brian/christina, bridge to terabithia, brothers & sisters, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, b’elanna/harry, camp rock, chakotay/janeway, chase/zoey, christian/sean, cody/emily, conviction, cory/topanga, cougar town, damon/bonnie, david/selena, dawson's creek season two, dean/sam, dg/glitch, draco/ginny, elliot/olivia, entourage, eric/vince, friends, gabriella/troy, gakuen alice, gordo/lizzie, halloweentown, harry potter, harry/hermione, hereos, high school musical, hocus pocus, iceman/kitty, jack/karen, jane/lisbon, janeway/chakotay, jeremy/anna, joan of arcadia, joan/adam, joe/demi, joe/sonny, john/cameron, jonas, justin/alex, justin/rebecca, kathryn/chakotay, kevin/macy, kim possible, kirk/spock, kyle xy, kyle/lori, laurie/travis, law & order: svu, legally blonde movie, leslie/jess, lizzie mcguire, logan/marie, lucy hale, lucy/tumnus, luke/grace, marnie/luke, max/liz, mentalist, merlin, merlin/arthur, mia/michael, mia/nicholas, michael jackson, michael/maria, mick/beth, mikan/natsume, miley/oliver, milo/hayden, morgan/garcia, morgana/gwen, mulder/scully, narnia, natsume/mikan, ndssg, ned/moze, nick/alyson, nick/sara, nick/stella, nip/tuck, numb3rs, ororo/scott, pacey/andie, peter/susan, robert/kristen, romeo/juliet, ron/kim, roswell, ryan/sharpay, sam/mikaela, sarah connor chronicles, scott/ororo, sean/cassie, shane/mitchie, sonny/joe, star trek, star trek:voyager, stefan/elena, supernatural, sylar/danny, the haunting hour, the princess diaries, tin man, torres/kim, tranformers, troy/gabriella, troyella, twilight, tyler/mallory, vampire diaries, veronica mars, vince/eric, wallace/veronica, warehouse 13, will and grace, will/grace, willow/tara, wizard of oz, wizards of waverly place, wolverine/rogue, x-files, x-men, zoey 101
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